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Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Saw the Vampire

And not because it's slowly getting closer to Halloween! I had my CD3 b/w done yesterday. 7 vials of my precious blood. Hopefully my body will replenish it. :)

I go tomorrow for my HSG.

"Should I take anything beforehand?" I asked the nurse (Nurse Nice).
"I'll call in an Rx for an antibiotic," she replied.
"Anything that day?" I asked again.
"You can take a couple of Advil before," Nurse Nice told me.
"Hydrocodone, you said?" I chirped through the phone.
"No, just Advil," NN confirmed while giggling.
"Yeah, I guess I DO have to drive home," I responded.

I'll take the hydrocodone when I get home if I need/want it. :)


Newt said...

Well, I know you know how well my HSG went. I hope yours is more like Dr. G's, with no symptoms.

Good Luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you!

Hope2morrow said...

My HSG wasn't awful by any means. I did have some pretty harsh cramping, but I drove myself to and from the procedure. Once home, I forced Babe to wait on me hand and foot; you should do the same. Good luck!

Deborah said...

I was checking in on you, after way too long. Sorry for being such a bad blogfriend.

Too bad she won't let you take the strong stuff-LOL. I never had an hsg, they checked everything out for me during a Lap, but anytime they inject anything into the uterus, it likes to cramp like bloody hell. Take lots of advil.

I'll be thinking of you-take care!

Jess said...

I had lotsa cramps during and after the procedure and if I had known what to expect...would for sure had taken a codene! If you could still drive on won't hurt for you to take it. And take a panty liner or you'll be waddling out in the diaper they give you. Good me when you get out! You should have your results from Dr. G before you leave.

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