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Monday, August 17, 2009

And Then Came Nurse Excellent

The next best thing to Dr. Terrific is Nurse Excellent! You know how I've said more than once (or a thousand times) that I have to listen to my gut instinct because it never steers me wrong? Well, I'm doing that.

I called Nurse E and left her a voice mail to call me. She's so excellent that she called me back after reviewing my chart from three hours ago and before leaving the office today. I told her my dilemma. Did I even share it with all of you? Okay . . .

I've been using the CBE Digitial OPKs. You know, the "OPKing for Dummies" ones with smiley faces so I don't have to question the lines. Well, I poas this morning and did not get a smiley face. When I pulled out the stick, there was a second line. (Insert my irrational, crazy thoughts that I could be pg here. Gawd, I'm insane.)

The short story (after giving poor Nurse E who I even called yesterday - the long story) is that since I haven't really gotten a + OPK and I should keep peeing until I do. Nurse E said that follies can grow about 2mm per day, which would put my presently crappy follies at maturity by Wednesday or Thursday. (ETA: I'm not sure of the three measurements I got, but I know one is 15.9. Nurse is calling that "16" for all intents & purposes. We are hoping it grows up to be a 20 in the next couple of days.) Once I get the smiley face positive, call the office, have Dr. T do another FMS (follice maturation scan), then IUI if they look good. Nurse Excellent agrees that we need to be aggressive here in this TTC thing. If not this cycle, then we up the meds (crap) next cycle and try again.

So . . . not all hope is lost . . . at least not yet. I still think I'm a freaking nutcase for even having hope in the first place. Nurse E and I came to conensus that Dr. T shall not take vacation from here on out until I am pg, throughout my (hopefully continual) pg, and until he delivers my baby. So there. Both Young Dr. R, Nurse E, and my IF pseudo doc Mrs. B told me to have wine tonight.

And that I shall do.


Alissa said...

That's much better news :). Sometime I'll tell you about my encounter with young Dr.R. Also, I'm in town for the next several weeks if you want to come by and talk windows :).

noswimmers said...

Glad there is some hope for this month!! What a kick ass nurse, you really have a great team behind you.

C'mon follies, do your thang!

Laurie said...

Whew! Glad this was just an early call! Hopefully you can get those follies to a 15 -17 by Wed or Thurs!

Prayers to you!

NoVaIrish said...

There is nothing better than a good nurse. Enjoy your wine and I'll continue to send you big fat follie thoughts.

Shanny said...

Enjoy that wine!

*cheers* here is to hope!

Marsha said...

This totally does NOT suck. not at all. i'm pumped...and praying.

Janna said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a supportive medical team cheering you on and actually working FOR you??? I am hoping great things happen in the next few days and those follies GROW, GROW, GROW!!! (((HUGS)))

Kim said...

That's a much better post! Go follies go! I think wine if pretty much a magic cure for everything, so have a glass or 3 (and just think- if things do work out, you won't be able to have much wine for 9 mo- so get it in while you can!!) Looking forward to a good post later this week too!

Juicy said...

your caretakers sound lovely! AND WHAT THE HELL DID I TELL YOU ABOUT TAKING OPKs IN THE MORNING!?!?! Ask Dr. T about that and see what he says! Seriously, you'll have better results in the afternoon!

Fingers crossed for big follies and all that sunshine and puppies bullcrap.

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