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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Follie Scan Tomorrow

Time to break out the dildo cam . . . it's another hooha party! I tried to sneak in get in today, but Dr. T is out of town. :/ This is where the challenging part comes in since I start back to school tomorrow morning at 8am. Guess all I have to do is start to tell my principal details to get away quickly!

I am VERY bloated, crampy, nauseous, and still have the stabbing sensations on my bowling ball ovaries - mainly that bratty left one. Send your bigass follicle dust this way please! I hope the B.I. (big insemination!) is almost here.

Also, my Stevie-dog made it to Round 3 of the Cutest Dog Competition! He'd appreciate your vote by clicking on his cute face in the sidebar or clicking here. Don't forget that you can vote every day!!


Jess said...

Lots of prayers for you! Thinking of you.

NoVaIrish said...

Where do I RSVP to this hoohaa party because I am TOTALLY coming!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I just voted for him again!

WiseGuy said...

Go Stevie Go!

Uh, how many follies in there?

You know I have seen something similar on Discovery (as in the subject of your previous post). And I also saw how an elephant was conceived and what ahem-happened inside the momma-elephant.

Wishing you super good luck!

KandiB said...

How exciting! Good luck on your first day back to school. Here's to keeping the stress level down!!

Juicy said...

lots of follie dust. hope there's an updatery soon, can't wait to hear how many are in there looking nice and big with all the pain they're giving you. :)

also "not too damn many follies/no OHSS" dust too. Can't be doing that!

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