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Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning to Live with Disappointment

No IUI. You'd think I'd have figured out by now that hope is just for people that live in fairy tales.

I had three good follicles between both ovaries, but they didn't measure up. Slackers. My lining was trilaminar (3-layered, looked great) but what the hell does that matter? Oooo, Mrs. Rambler . . . what lovely lining you have! Too bad your follies are a bunch of crap.

Dr. T was out today, so I got Young Dr. R. He was nice & all, but nobody compares to Dr. T. Plus the term "young" is relative. He's probably my age, maybe a few years older, but younger than the average experienced doc. Young Dr. R recommended TI and then up the Femara for next cycle and do IUI. Whatever.

I'm disappointed. Please don't tell me there is always next month or try to blow sunshine up my ass. I wanted THIS month because I know my fertility (or lack thereof) doesn't have many months left.


Marsha said...

that totally sucks.

not even i will blow just plain sucks.

Laurie said...

Big hugs to you. No wonder I've been worried about those follicles.

Susan K said...

I'm sorry. :(

Kim said...

So sorry girl. You are in my prayers.

Janna said...

I'm so sorry!!! That just other way to look at it! Sending big hugs your way!!!

Shanny said...

This blows so bad, I'm so sorry :(

kristi said...

I'm so sorry too!!!!!!!!!!
That absolutely totally just s***S!!!!!

Cry, scream, rant, rave have a drink or 2.

I hate how good people who would make wonderful parents have to go through this and others who should never have children get them. It is so totally UNFAIR!

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