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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Show & Tell: Swallowing $5 a Day

Today's Show and Tell involves a little diary action and a couple of stupid photos. :) For those of you that keep up & can count (shout out NoVa!), I am taking the Femara now. It's been pretty uneventful, though.

My Femara Diary by kekis

Day 0 - get Rx filled at $25 for 5 pills - that's WITH insurance, quit drinking alcohol, taught my hair lady (who takes Femara for breast cancer) why she needed bc shots while on her drugs

Day 1 - such a tiny little pill, that thing was $5?, careful not to drop it down the sink, little pill actually gets stuck in my throat, cough it out and take it again, this better pack a BIG punch, no s/e so far . . . I have deep lines in my palm, huh? (Can anyone read my palm & see a baby/babies?)

Day 2 - little cold sweats while grocery shopping, emotional & crying just because, feeling clingy, cuddle w/ Steve since DH won't snuggle with me all day long, DH sighs & shakes his head, finally cuddles with me at bedtime, I cry some more, dry off DH's shoulder & chest, go to sleep

Day 3 - TIRED, slept 9 hours, woke up, wanted nap an hour later, got nails done (not that it has to do w/ Femara but I did), took early evening nap, still exhausted, gassy, feeling the ovaries, learned DH is NOT a girl. While some can keep up with my daily activities (shout out again NoVa!), DH doesn't even remember that I'm taking meds and when. Checked s/e of medication & it said "tiredness." I believe it.

Days 4 & 5 - coming! If it continues like this, nnoooo problem! DH going out of town tomorrow. Luckily it's not because of me. At least that's what he says. :) I get to start peeing on sticks (opks) in one week. This better work . . .


Maria (MKC101103) said...

"learned DH is NOT a girl"....hmmmm...interesting observation kekis ;)

Kim said...

I also like the "learned DH is not a girl" part. That's a GOOD thing though, as it should be a helpful part of achieving your goal in the end ;)

Juicy said...

ha! I wish I'd thought to have a diary when I was on all the drugs. I love that Todd FINALLY cuddled. Jay is not a cuddler, so I'm envious. Maybe I need a dog. Can I borrow Steve?

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