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Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Amazing Story

A couple that lives in my area was open and kind enough to share their story of love and loss. Their son, Thomas, was born was Trisomy 13. Upon learning of Thomas' medical issues during a 20-week ultrasound, they chose to continue the pregnancy and bring their precious son into the world.

Some may find the video linked here difficult to watch for many reasons, but I think you'll find that Thomas is as precious of a baby as you can find. You can also read their first part of their story linked in the video window. The second part will be in next week's Dallas Morning News.

Just when we think our troubles are too much to bear, we find another person with more to bear than ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks for sharing. I can't imagine that sort of loss. I think those of us who battle infertility face a sense of death, a part of us is gone. Thank you for reminding me that I am blessed for what I have and have not lost.

Brooke said...

What a incredible story. I dont know what to say. It puts so much into perspective.

Jamie said...

I read that story in Sunday's paper, so I was interested in the video. I have not cried like that in a LONG time and I'm still crying! So sad......

WiseGuy said...

Am so glad that you shared this story. And I agree with you on the fact that we really have no idea about the pain on the other side of the fence.

kristi said...

So I don't know who to tell. So, I'm telling you cause I know you'll understand! My husband's new insurance kicked in yesterday (his new co. actually pays part of the procedure - no $15,000.00 loan this time - so after 5 years we can actually try again!) and I sat all day ready to throw up with the phone in my hand to make my appt. I just got up the nerve just now and called. I have an appt with Dr. Craig for initial tests and set up an IVF protcol. I am so excited, nervous, scared! I so need this to work! I got off the phone and prayed again for the umpteenth time please oh please let this be the Doctor and let this be the time!
I know this doesn't belong under this post but couldn't find a place to email you - you don't have to post this - just wanted to tell someone and am afraid to tell people I know cause I don't want to be asked so did it work, etc...
Thanks for listening...

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