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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Love Letter

Dear Follies,

Today is CD1, so you know what that means. Game on. I expect you to grow this month. The Femara you got last month is being doubled, so prepare yourselves - ALL of you. You WILL grow, you WILL mature, you WILL not run from the IUI catheter, you WILL fall in love with DH's sperm, and you WILL be fertilized. You WILL then become the baby we've been praying for the past few years, and the baby you become WILL stay put until next June.

Don't let me down this time, my follies. I am back in teacher mode, so I'm not kidding. Lack of growth, maturity, and seriousness will NOT be tolerated this month. Get it together - and now. Seriously.

The owner of the ovaries that will be hosting you.

PM to Kristi -- Sounds exciting and scary all at once. You can email me at kekis26 at gmail dot com if you like. :)


Shanny said...

You heard that Follies! Grow, grow, grow... then fertilize, fertilize, fertilize!!!!!

Kim said...

You totally sound like a teacher in that post : ) Here's hoping this is the month!

Katie Cupcake said...

Come on Follies, You can do it, the Femara puts some power to it. Go Follies :jazz hands:

Juicy said...

GO FOLLIES! Do what yo mama tells you!

Jamie said...

Love the letter! Made me smile. I hope this is it!!!

Wifezzilla said...

I would love to hear that your follicles owned up to their responsibility and grew this month. good luck!

The Writer Chic said...

Keeping all I have crossed that this is the cycle for you.

Stephanie said...

You listen to your mama follies! Make her proud!

I'm thinking of you...hoping everything goes really great this month!

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