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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Phantom Symptom Watch

I'm a whole 4dpiui (that's 4 days past IUI for those who don't want to search for the meaning). It's time for the monthly Phantom Symptom Watch! I've already googled 4dpiui + symptoms and 5dpiui + symptoms, but that doesn't help much.

Here's what I got for ya so far:
  • I go from cold to sweating my ass off in a heartbeat. Probably the lingering effects of Femara.
  • I kinda threw up in my mouth the other day.
  • I'm farting like a champion.
  • I have had major pangs of starvation (not hunger) out of the blue. I'm a fat girl. My stomach doesn't growl. :)
  • Within an hour of eating, it feels like someone punched me in the diaphram (high up in the stomach).
  • Some cramping and some tug-of-war feelings in female reproductive area.
  • My nipples are a little tender and sensitive.
  • Moodiness - but that's just me.
P4 check on Tuesday (day 21), but that's not going to tell me anything. I'm sure by next weekend I'll be searching for sticks in the backyard and peeing on other things around theh ouse. Now that I have officially proven yet again that I'm insane, I hope that Newtlet & Maria are happy now. (And note, V, that I'm still sleeping with the freaking mermaid.)

Anyone else want to share what other 5+dpiui symptoms you've had or that I can/should have?


The Writer Chic said...

You're too funny. I've been on my knees for you all week, hon. Love you!

NoVaIrish said...

Now you are going to start doing this on a daily basis right? Because I have been thinking of you all week.

Newt said...

Well, this sounds promising, but NoVa is right--we're going to need daily updates.

Especially as regards the farting. It's very important!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, we need daily updates!

WiseGuy said...

Nopes, I have got nothing for you on the symptoms tab!

You go Kekis! May this be it!

Shanny said...

Looking good! Looking good! Loads of clarity of pg symtoms dust going your way!

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