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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Big stuff going on here people . . . BIG!

First BIG thing first: My friend Jenn is in Labor & Delivery right now! Please send your love and prayers her way. Jenn's water broke earlier (I got the call close to 5pm CDT) and her DH, Hal, took her to the hospital. Since Halle is a bit stubborn - like her mom, maybe? - she is breech and will be delivered via c-section at 9pm CDT. C'mon baby Halle! We can't wait to meet you! Love you Jenn!

Next BIG thing: Ohmygoodnessgracious! Big Brother's season finale is tonight!!! It's DVRing right now, so I don't have to waste any time with stupid commercials. I've watched every season of this wonderfully ridiculous show, and I'm excited about the finale! GO JORDAN! (or Kevin if not Jordan, but definitely not Natalie)

Another BIG thing tonight: Biggest Loser's season premiere! A local favorite is Abby Riker. Her story is heartbreaking. Her husband went to the same high school as I did, but he was (of course) much younger. I LOVE this show, and I'm rooting for the home girl! You can do it, Abby!

Oh, and another big thing: is coming tomorrow! You better stay tuned. I'm serious. You might like it and not want to miss out! In fact, if you check back soon, it might be tomorrow. This is cool enough to earn its own post.


Juicy said...

what?!?! did you get a +?!?!? or a smiley face??!?!

GEEZ LOUISE!! Don't ruin TBL for me on FB b/c I have to watch it while the boys have their bottle tomorrow morning. Think I can make them stretch what is usually a 20-30 minute feeding into 2 hours? Hmmm...

The Writer Chic said...

Can it be....? Oh, tease, and that isn't good. I am joining you in heartfelt prayer...but I don't know that I can stay up til midnight.

Shanny said...

Lots of prayers going to your friend Jenn's way!!!!

And oh my, the suspense is killing me! Could it be tomorrow already? Do we really have to wait? Do we? Might it have anything to do with a tiny procedure, might it?

NoVaIrish said...

Are you posting tonight? Because if so I may actually be glad to be on the West Coast for once since I'll totally be awake at midnight your time!

And I am just starting to watch BL and started sobbing when I saw Abby's story. I am so excited to see all the great things that can and hopefully will happen for her. She deserves every single one of them.

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