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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Before I Go to Sleep

I must update you all. I mean, God forbid I get sleep without updating you all with my phantom symptoms.

Today's P.S.:
- uterus feels so heavy (like a weight is in it)
- thirsty
- boobs feel different, kinda sore but not really sore
- can't stand the smell of onions or Pippin's breath
- tired
- some light bloating
- can't stand having anything against my waist
- weird feelings of pressure, stretching & other stuff in the uterine area
- strangeness in my throat, not nausea or vomiting, but icky

Going to bed. I'd hate to add really cranky to this list.


Shanny said...

Glad you didn't add the cranky part, way to hold back on that one :)

Marsha said...

you know what symptom i keep waiting to see on the list. ;)

Anonymous said...

sounds promising! Um, now I want to know what Marsha is talking tell!

Cheryl said...

Sounds very familiar. And seeing as my 5 month old is asleep in his room right now, it sounds very promising as well. Still praying for a BFP that is sticky.

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