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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Pep Rally Here

After dropping off my ring & learning that I need a new iPod, I headed back to the ARTS Center to pick up DH's masterpiece. All washed and clean, I carried the styrofoam cup protecting the test-tube with pride. Goodness knows there wasn't anywhere in my purse to put it, and I sure as hell wasn't going to cruise around a huge hospital and parking lot with a big, white cup in between my tits.

I stood in line for the first time ever at Dr. T's office. With cup in hand. How sexy was I? Hhhmmm . . . wonder why I was there? :) When I asked the receptionist if she needed to send it back while I waited, you'd thought I'd offer her a sip of arsenic-laced tea. We both laughed. Kinda. I reviewed the lab report, trying to decipher it. All I noticed was low volume and low morphology due to lack of abstinence. Of course, I get concerned. While I'm waiting, I'm texting back & forth with my friend Sarah, who is my own doc on the side. (Well, she's not a doctor but she plays one in my IF life.) She seems less concerned than I am about numbers.

Nurse Amazing, who works for Dr. Terrific and with Nurse Excellent, escorts me back to take my blood pressure. Being that it was extremely high yesterday, she's telling me to relax and think good thoughts. She then begins taking deep breaths and says, "Think babies." I think BABY (singular!) but my bp is still high. That's what anxiety will do to you.

I am taken to an exam room - the same room where we saw our first and only fetal heartbeat so many months ago. I change into my pretty paper skirt and hop up on the table. Nurse A comes back in and asks how many IUIs we've had. I tell her that I've so many parties down there that I'm surprised I know the answer is zero. She laughs. Humor deflects nervousness for me, I suppose.

Dr. T comes in and tells me to assume the position. I don't even stare at the sign above me like I used to do. (I took the pic at the top of this post so you could experience my view.) Funny Dr. T has it hanging on the ceiling above all his exam tables. :) He looks at the numbers from the lab & says they look "GREAT!" The goal is to have 16 million motile sperm post-wash, and DH's proud soldiers numbered 38.9 mighty million! I was so proud of my husband and his workers.

As he preps the catheter, I ask Dr. T if he has any pep rally music or if Nurse Excellent could come in and do a cheer. (See again the above-mentioned humor deflecting nervousness.) We both thought I was funny, and Dr. T said that was a good idea. I then elevated my hips for about 15ish minutes, and he came in and said goodbye.

Feeling a little bit of disappointment for the lack of pomp & circumstance, I asked Dr. T where to go from here. I suppose he was a blond before he began to turn gray, my wonderful inseminator told me how to get to the exit of the office. Poor guy. Once I told him that I knew my way around his office fairly well, I was told to wait for a couple of weeks to see if AF shows. Yep, it was all that uneventful. However, as I was walking out, Dr. T said, "You know, you kind of have a glow to you." Nurse A agreed. "Maybe you're already pregnant!" he called out. I smiled and hoped that he was right.

DH called as I was leaving the parking lot, and I told him how wonderful he and his boys were today. I went and had some air added to my tires, got lunch, went home & ate. The cramping started soon after, so I had a nap. Now I'm just sitting on my ass with some cramping while wondering how I'm going to entertain myself over the 2ww.


Marsha said...

First of all, your dr. is a the sign!

my two cents...(i can't help it) when things were scary with l's pregnancy, every time any worry or fear or doubt crept into my mind, i would pray pray pray. i don't think i ever prayed so much. replace any negative you have with prayer and hope and EXPECT God to do wonderful things with that. that's the tough part, bc you want to have those doubts and fears in some weird order to prepare yourself. nah...not this time. be filled with hope and expectation! I know I am for you. Love you!

Brooke said...

Hey girl I haven't commented in a while but I wanted to let you know I am cheering for you and still reading your blog. Cant blame you if you haven't popped in on mine in a while but I really hope this 2ww ends with a super sticky baby on the way.

kate said...

"You know, you kind of have a glow to you." Nurse A agreed. "Maybe you're already pregnant!" he called out.

I love this and I hope he's right!

Shanny said...

Oooh good luck my dear, you deserve this so much!!!!

Janna said...

What a great staff at your doctor's office! Reminds me of my Dr. Wonderful! Now I'm missing them so much I think I'll call tomorrow for my long overdue yearly! lol

I am praying for you!!!!!!!!! You are so deserving of your dream of being a mommy!!!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

I'm so glad it was very uneventful. An "eventful" IUI would mean something went wrong and we certainly don't want that!!

The Writer Chic said...

Oh got crazy up here in TN and I just got caught up. My birthday is the 30th. I'd like you to give me a BFP, m'kay.?

Seriously, I'll be praying my butt off. I hope this is it for you. Big hugs.

Jamie said...

So excited! I'm hoping this 2ww goes by quickly!!

Molly said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes, as it reminded me of our IUI experience (we didn't get a pep rally either). I certainly hope this works for you--- it would make me so happy and we've never even met!

Sending you all the positive thoughts in the world!

Christina said...

Hey you! Just read your post b/c I'm trying to be a good friend and keep up with you and your vajaja. It's interesting that you mentioned the lack of pomp and circumstance with the IUI b/c that's exactly what I was going to mention to you the other day in my email. I sort of was waiting for the "whoo hoooo! You're inseminated" too, which of course, there isn't any of that. The whoo hoo's come later.... As for the two weeks, I went to a U2 concert and drank beer. At that point, I just a little flippin' over the "being good" thing. Just a suggestion. Love you, miss you!!

April & Geoff said...

Hey girl,
I'm thinking of you! Your post made me laugh out loud about the cheer. :) Hugs to you and here's hoping that the next 2 weeks go by quickly!

Stephanie said...

I hope that it goes great! I'll be praying many prayers for you!

Laurie said...

WTF?? I get busy for a couple of days and miss everything! Shesh!

Yay for you! Yay for sperm! Yay for the big O! So freakin excited for you!

Jess said...

I'm so freakin excited for you girly!!! Keeping everything crossed and I'll make sure to cross all of Landon's piggy's as well. :-P

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