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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Phantom Symptom Update

Today I'm 8dpiui and thinking *maybe* there are some more phantom symptoms.

* My boobs are aching just a tad.
* My uterus feels like it's filled with a huge watermelon & hanging by rubber bands inside my lower abdomen.
* Today I was a cranky bitch. And I mean cranky. (If my lil' banana bread, singer friend in Nashville is reading this, ask your mom. She'll confirm. Oh, and I miss you!) Somebody at school spoke to me cross and I wasn't in the mood.
* Some smells are a bit stronger to me, but not like pregnant bloodhound nose smells yet.
* I'm craving Sprite. Had it twice in the past 3 days & it sounds good again. I'm a DP drinker when I do enjoy my one per day.
* There might be some additional saliva in my mouth, but I've been craving Sprite and just ate some candy. ;)
* Very light, dull headache - but that's not uncommon.
* Tired - but not pg like beatdown dead tired.
* I'd also like to claim pg brain, but I think I just need some sleep. That and I'm an idiot sometimes.

There ya have it. The next big decision is when to test. If the evil, red-headed slut is coming, AF will be here on Tuesday. However, I have some drinking plans tonight, tomorrow & maybe Saturday. Yeah, I'm a loser. Really though . . . I just don't want to see any more sticks that are as stark white as my nekkid ass.

Other than a BFP (and a heartbeat, etc.), what do I want next? THIS:

Yep, morning sickness. Didn't have much with my three pregnancies, so I'm ready to hurl like a champion.

Oh, and since I tend to ramble, I'm getting sick & tired of people saying, "What if this doesn't work? What's next?" I want to respond, "Why don't you just STFU?" Thinking about it now makes me wanna go get cranky again.


NoVaIrish said...

I love your daily updates. I had terrible headaches when I was pg so hopefully that is a good sign!

And if anyone continues asking you that stupid question let me know and I'll come and kick their ass. I've got some pent up frustration to let out :-)

Cheryl said...

I wish people would just have a positive attitude. You can figure out what's next down the road. As for now, just praying for a sticky baby.

Jess said...

I love you dearly Kekis but are you really sure you wanna hurl like a champion? me I had all day sickness for 14 weeks or so. Its not fun! I know I know...I wished for it too and got nailed.

Sounds like you have good signs and symptoms. I'm still crossing everything for you!!!

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