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Sunday, January 18, 2009

CONGRATS to My Friends!!!

My friends Sarah and Jamie found out last night that they will become first-time parents within the next couple of weeks. A birth mother has chosen them to be the Mommy and Daddy to the baby she is carrying right now. Her due date is January 31st, so it could really be any day now. Will it be a boy or a girl?? That, we do not know.

Please pray for Sarah and Jamie - that everything goes smoothly through the adoption process and they are able to bring home a healthy, little, bundle of joy. And please pray for the birth mother. She is getting ready to do one of the most selfless acts that a woman could ever do. I can't even imagine the heartache she must be feeling, and I hope God can give her the peace she needs.


Laurie said...

How awesome! That is very special and congrats to Sarah and Jamie. Keep us posted on everything!

Molly said...

How wonderful for your friends!

The Quarke Family said...

That's fantastic news for your friends. My aunt and uncle were waiting for years to adopt when they got a call just before Christmas one year ... best Christmas ever.

Also good news for you! I was just catching up on my reading, so glad Dr T is in charge and that you're in full swing with Plan A. All crossables crossed!

Mrs F

Jennifer said...

Hello. You know my sister, Joyce. I'm leaving a comment because I don't know any other way to contact you. I don't know if you know Joyce from the Nest, but I need to find out who those gals are! We're throwing Joyce a surprise shower on Feb 21st but she thinks it's for the 22nd. She told me tonight that "the nesties" are throwing her a shower on the 21st at noon - the exact same time her SURPRISE shower is!!! If you're one of her fellow nesties, could we join forces? Or if you're not, could you help me find out who to talk to?!?! I just sent out the evite for a whole crapload of people to come on the 21st and I would hate to have to change it or tell Joyce about the surprise.

Obviously, you don't have to publish this comment! :) Ha.

Thanks, Jennifer
email me: jleahc -at- jleahc -dot- com.

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