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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Sidenote: I had to call Dr. G&D's office today about obtaining my records, and (of course) it took a few calls just to execute a simple task. I asked them to send all of my charts to Dr. T's office, so he'll always have them and I can always access them. I honestly don't understand why patients can't get ALL of their chart. It IS my uterus. I should be able to have every single sheet of paper and film in that file. Makes me wonder what's really going on in that file if I can't have it ALL. Anyway . . .

I made it back home today, and I'm so glad. It's nice to be in a doctor's office where people are polite, caring, friendly, and doing their jobs as expected. Of course my blood pressure was high, but we aren't talking about that right now, are we? I'll try to make this brief, as it seems all of my recent posts have been close to the length of War & Peace.

Dr. Terrific and I sat down for my consult. Taking out my notes (dialogue) from the last discussion I had (and will ever have) with Dr. G&D, awesome Dr. T knew I was ready to get down & dirty. Dr. T first mentioned he heard that Dr. G&D has little sense of a personality. I told Dr. T he was wrong - that Dr. G&D has NO personality. He chuckled and said he was just being nice. :) He asked me to catch him up, and boy did I!

A brief analysis of points made by the FORMER RE, and Dr. T's responses. (not quoted, but very very close to his exact words)

Dr G&D, Point 1: No bicornuate uterus
Dr. T: told me he already knew that as he & I discussed last month. He just didn't see it during my lap surgery, which is when it would have been completely evident.

Dr G&D, Point 2: "MTHFR . . . is not associated with an increased in m/c."
Dr. T: Bullshit. We both know that isn't true. Especially for those who have the homozygous mutation. You will be taking Lovenox for your next pregnancy.

Dr G&D, Point 3: (speaking of Lovenox) I don't need to be on Lovenox for future pregnancies.
Dr. T: see response to point 2 (now Dr. T is getting agitated)

Dr G&D, Point 4: I can get pg, and if I make it past 8-10 weeks I might be okay.
Dr. T: I guess that's the fourth thing I completely disagree with now. WTH? (his words) A majority of fibroids cause problems in the middle of the 2nd Tri. Your losses have all been early, thus pointing to something else. I think it's a biochemical issue, which is why we need to do Lovenox.

Dr G&D, Point 5: Injectibles (Follistim) should be used to get pg quickly.
Dr. T: "And that's number 5."

Dr. T has been doing this for 23 years and has delivered over 8000 babies. Yet another reason why I value his opinion and trust him. (I have no proof of that with Dr. G&D.) I asked Dr. Terrific what he recommended. He told me that he couldn't make a choice for me, but he would give me the possibilities.

Possibility 1: Get pregnant (we know I can get pg) and start Lovenox the day I get a bfp. Continue with folic acid and baby aspirin. Close monitoring (including a perinatologist).

Possibility 2: Have a myomectomy which would include an abdominal incision, 1-2 days in the hospital, recovery time, possibility of breaking through the uterus, 5% need for blood transfusion in the OR for blood loss, scar tissue & making the uterine lining worse than it was. Then get pg, start Lovenox, continue folic acid and baby aspirin, close monitoring, etc.

Well, gosh. What do you think, my wonderful readers??? Well, I'm thinking Possibility 1 in case you're wondering. Dr. Terrific thought that would be a good idea, yet he also encouraged me to discuss it with DH. He then "scribed" (uh, scribbled!) our "PLAN" options.

PLAN A: SEX. Foltex. Lovenox.

PLAN B: Myomectomy. SEX. Foltex. Lovenox.

We're going with Plan A. In fact, we set PLAN A into action tonight. :) I'm pretty sure I've already Od according to my temps, but the PLAN is moving forward. It's so nice to have a PLAN. Please pray that this PLAN works to bring us not only a pregnancy, but a healthy pregnancy that ends with me delivering a healthy baby. That is all we want.

Lesson learned - ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT. A woman's instinct is one of the strongest natural forces out there. If something doesn't look right, feel right, or sound right, validate your feelings and go with it.

Thank you, Dr. Terrific. I'll be calling about checking my cervix in the garage very, very soon. :)


kate said...

Fabulous news AND you got to keep you clothes on. Yaaaay! I'm glad THE PLAN is in motion and I hope the goodness of Dr. T will make this plan a successful one.

Laurie said...

Thank goodness you have a plan! And I love a good plan that includes SEX! Woo Hoo!

A woman's gut is the better than anything money can buy! Remember to keep trusting it!

himee said...

I really like Dr. T and I don't even know him! He has a great plan! Now, go get knocked up!

Shanny said...

Dr. Terrific sounds great. Plan A is what I would go for too, but I'm a chicken and would avoid any type of surgery at all cost. Woohoo for a great plan!!! with sex!!!! I'm rooting for you and your (very near) future healthy baby!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Plan A sounds like the way to go to get you into those new maternity jeans you got for a steal!

natenang654 said...

So happy for you! IMO, having a plan that you can trust seems to be key. Have fun putting the plan into action! ;-)

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