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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Like Coming Home

My annual "well woman exam" (I hate that term) was today with Dr. T, aka Dr. Terrific my OB/gyn. Seeing Dr. T felt like a breath of fresh air. His upbeat attitude, charm, sense of humor, and overall personality just make me love him. I'll share some of the fun we shared during my appointment at a later date. Yes, I used the word fun in the same paragraph as I mentioned my OB/gyn and a pap smear. You gotta know Dr. Terrific, I suppose.

When I updated him on everything from Dr. Gloom & Doom (aka, Dr. G&D my RE), Dr. T was very surprised to hear of the possibility of a bicornuate or septate uterus. He also didn't feel as if my left tube was closed. Dr. T pulled out the party pics from my surgery in April, and things just didn't seem to match up. Even I could tell. Granted, that was eight months ago, but the findings & details from April to December seemed very contradictory.

Past party pics showed no uterine defects, no closed tube, etc. Dr. T said tubes can often appear closed through an HSG due to spasms of the fallopian tube. Having experienced the massive cramping that occurs during the HSG, I can totally see (feel!) how that could happen.

I am going to have Dr. G&D contact Dr. T so the two of them can compare parties in my hooha discuss the various findings of my HSG, MRI, and both surgeries. Yes, I've had other doctors party in my hooha besides them, but they've always brought cake & gifts spent the most time all "up in dair." If it is deemed by BOTH doctors that another surgery is required, my request will be that they operate together. As I told my mom, "It's my body and what I say goes." Typically a negative nelly who is also a nurse, I was a bit taken aback when Mom agreed with my position.

So . . . after a weekend-long massive pity party for one, love and patience from DH, lots of support from strangers blog friends, IRL friends, and family, and an entertaining (as always) visit with Dr. T . . . I feel a little more positive. I'm working my way back into a mindset of the possibility that we might actually be able to have a baby. At least I'm going to give it a helluva try. God wouldn't punish me like that, would he? Oh, I hope not.


Laurie said...

So glad for the good news sista. What a breath of fresh air! Keep hope alive!

noswimmers said... your sense of humor. Party pics? Hehe.

Glad you have a nice doc, maybe he'll even out Dr. D&G.

Jen said...

your bloggy friends are optimistic with you and praying! I don't even know you and I want this so badly for you! :) Praying your Christmas wish comes true and that you can finally stop having parties in your hooha!!!!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

"always brought cake & gifts"
...I can't get that out of my head. LMAO!

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