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Friday, December 19, 2008

As My Uterus Turns

After calling Dr. G&D's office multiple times in two days, I called him on his personal cell phone last night. He was going to be on my time for a change. I figured if i couldn't get an answer in a timely manner, that I would hunt it down (i.e., hunt him down). Thanks to my RE-chasing, the verdict from my HSG, MRI (and other hooha related fun) is in.

The HSG and MRI showed no septum, but it did show that I am sporting a bicornuate uterus.

The good news? No surgery needed. YEA! I'll get to enjoy the final days of 2008 without any more hooha parties!

The not so good news? A bicornuate uterus increases the chance of miscarriage (uh, ya think?) and early delivery/PTL due to a shortened cervical length.

Where do we go from here? Dr. G&D wants DH to go in for an SA since he hasn't had one before. (Might as well let DH see just a tiny glimpse of what I've been through the past 21 months.) Then we'll go in together, review the results, make a plan which will include injectibles (pray for donated meds), and go for it.

DH and I are both on Christmas vacation through the 5th, so we hope to spend this time relaxing, enjoying, and just hanging out. I hope all of you can find some time do the same as well!


noswimmers said...

Yay--no more hooha parties for the rest of the year! I mean, no more hooha parties that aren't for recreational purposes, lol.

Laurie said...

Good! You guys can relax and drink wine and just enjoy life without all the stress.

BTW, we're heading to M&C's later today (just for the night). Want to come for dinner?

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