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Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Baby, Antigone!

Welcome!!! Today is Antigone Lost's Virtual Baby Shower!

This is one of the best virtual showers to which I have ever been invited. (Okay, it's really my first.) My dear blogernet friend, Antigone, has been through her share of heartache in the past almost two years. Antigone is a true survivor as is her soon-to-be-born baby boy Perseus. Now it is finally a time for celebration!

Please, get comfortable and have some cake. I've never made a virtual baby shower cake before, so I hope this will do. In fact I tried to make Perseus a Dallas Cowboys cake, but my mad cake-makin' skillz left a little to be desired.

Now it's time for PRESENTS!!!! I couldn't get all of them in the shot, but there are plenty! Can someone grab a trash bag for all this paper? And who is writing down the list of gifts? I can, but I usually forget to record some due to the ooohing and aaahing I do.

Here's mine. Open it - open it!
I know it's not much, but when I buy gifts, I buy my favorites. These wonderful bathtime goodies will help Perseus get clean and relaxed before bedtime. Plus he will smell sssooooo good. We all know there's nothing better than sweet-smelling baby! (Everyone with me - ssnnnniiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffff. Aaaahhh!) They should be arriving on your doorstep any day now.

Oh there's something else. It's for your next trip to Dallas!

And of course, I brought some virtual gifts for Sothis. He'll need some new toys so Perseus doesn't have to share. (These are actually from my Mackey, Pippin & Steve.)

Antigone my friend, I wish you all of the love, joy, and happiness that your baby boy can possibly bring. He will be blessed by a mother full of strength, intelligence, depth, and heart. You probably think of yourself as the blessed one, but I think Perseus will be the one who is blessed. Just as we have all been blessed by you.

What a wonderful time I've had at my first virtual baby shower. Everything has been so wonderful! Thank you to Yummy Sushi Pajamas and Missing One for inviting me. I hope that we can all gather again for another baby shower very soon.

1 comment:

Jess said...

How fun! I read her following her story!

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