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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Power of Facebook

I really drug my feet before using Facebook. As a teacher, I thought it was absolutely ridiculous, not a good professional choice, and it made no sense to me. Well, that changed quickly! I have since reconnected with so many friends from my past with whom I'd lost contact. It has been wonderful catching up with everyone. Plus, I don't plaster naked drunk photos of me on the internet. (I keep that for home - haha!)

One thing on my Facebook page is "My Family". It looks like this, but not as blurry.
So, what is this post REALLY about? It's about an old friend - whom I have not seen in over twenty years - noticing "Our Three Angel Babies" and sending me the following poem. It was given to her sister upon losing her baby at six months.

To the Child in My Heart

O precious, tiny, sweet little one
You will always be to me
So perfect, pure and innocent
Just as you were ... Read Moremeant to be.

We dreamed of you and of your life
And all that it would be
We waited and longed for you to come
And join our family.

We never had the chance to play,
To laugh, to rock, to wiggle.
We long to hold you, touch you now
And listen to you giggle.

I'll always be your mother.
He'll always be your dad.
You will always be our child,
The child that we had.

But now you're gone…but yet you're here.
We'll sense you everywhere.
You are our sorrow and our joy.
There's life in every tear.

Just know our love goes deep and strong.
We'll forget you never -
The child we had, but never had,
And yet will have forever.
C. P.
That right there makes Facebook completely worth it.


Anonymous said...

That is a sweet poem. And what a neat person to notice and take the time to recognize it.

Susan K said...

I don't always relate to most poems about PL, but this is a really good one. What a nice person to post that.

Mark and Amanda said...

Absolutely beautiful!

House of Brodt said...

This poem is perfect. Thank you for sharing.

Erin Fae said...

That is a great poem. And by the way, I am now going to have to start Facebook stalking you *evil laugh*

Of course, that means I will have to actually log into facebook...rats, foiled again!

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