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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Forewarning: Another rambling, pissed off post that will be possibly . . . okay, most likely . . . okay definitely laden with words my Mama doesn't like to hear. My Daddy says them all the time (especially when playing golf), but not my Mom. And yeah, they divorced over 40 years ago!

As all of you lovely readers know, Dr. Gloom & Doom has no personality. He is also a dumbass. A dumbass who has made me mad for the very.last.time.

Strike #1: Waiting an hour in the waiting room
Strike #2: Lack of followup after HSG & MRI

Strike #3: My cell phone rings this afternoon. It's Dr. G&D's secretary-person-lady. Dr. G&D, being the dumbass he is, didn't tell his own freaking office that he had a meeting scheduled for today, so they needed to cancel my appointment for this afternoon. Well yeah, he had a meeting this afternoon. It was a meeting with me dammit!!! Of course, I'm then asked to reschedule for tomorrow morning. Uh, no. I'm a teacher. I REEEEFUUUUUUSSSSEEEE to take off a day of work because he's a stupid, non-communicative asshole. (I'm stockpiling those days off for my imaginary future maternity leave.)

So instead, I am given the "luxury" of a late appointment tomorrow.
At 4:30.
Across town.
In Dallas traffic.
On a Friday.
With a doctor who most likely will just want to get the hell home & not deal with ME.

THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME ISN'T IT????? Well it fucking should be.

I was not happy but trying to work with them. Now that I think about it, WTH am I doing that? As much money as I've already paid them & what do I have to show for it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

On my way home from work (after an absolutely hellish day at school, which is another story), I luckily called Dr. Terrific's office and learned that Dr. G&D never sent the records from my HSG & MRI to him! WTF??? I specifically asked Dr. G&D to send them. For the love of my crappy uterus, it was a month ago!! After you read about Dr. T's reaction to what Dr. G&D said, you can understand my need & desire for a second opinion from another person who's spent even more party time in my hooha. When I vented to Dr. T's nurse about Dr. G&D, she said she was not surprised. Sounds like he's pissed off a few other ladies.

Strike #4: He's out. As in FIRED. As in buh-bye dumbass Dr. Gloom & Doom.

Tomorrow I'm calling another RE who has come highly recommended by two friends. If this cycle is already shot, I might as well get a fresh start with someone else. We just discussed it, and DH is completely supportive in my decision. I hate starting all this crap over again, but we're left with no choice. All we want is a baby. And I know Dr. G&D will not place a newborn in my arms tomorrow afternoon at 4:30pm.

I'm also tempted to not call his office until 4:25 or so to tell them I'm not coming. And try to bill my ass. Just try it.

Oh, and Laurie . . . you were right.


April & Geoff said...

You have every right to be angry. This sounds completely ridiculous. I hope that your new RE is more supportive and responsive. Hugs to you!

Brooke said...

I would probably react the same way. I totally freaked out when the Dr tried to reschedule my u/s for the second time the poor receptionist felt so bad that she was making me cry. Im sure your new RE will be better besides any doctor with the names Doom and Gloom cant be worth seeing! LOL

Laurie said...

Okay, not sure if I should be happy about being right or pissed off with you because Dr. D&G is a dipsh*t or just glad you are getting on with a better RE.

I'll opt for all three but really just glad you'll be moving onto a better RE!

Keep us posted on your new RE (let's name him Dr. Success!).

BTW, there is a product you can buy called "liquid ass" that you could spray in Dr. D & G's office. Tee Hee! I'll come help!

Shanny said...

OMG what a terrible day! You have all the right to be angry and to fire his a$$. I really hope your next RE is much more helpful and caring. I'm glad you have high recommendations from 2 friends and I hope you get an appt very soon. Big hugs hon.

Jenn said...

He sounds absolutely awful! Good for you for pulling the plug on him. He doesn't deserve you anyway! ;)I'm excited for you to meet this new doctor. I hope he is awesome!

himee said...

You are more than right to be mad. I would be furious, too! I swear, some dr offices don't understand our teacher schedules. Well, here's to moving on to bigger and better things! Can't wait to hear about your new dr.

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