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Monday, November 24, 2008

Plan #5,457,356,068 (or something like that)

My post-op appointment with Dr. Gloom & Doom finally happened. And when I say finally, I mean finally. I raced like a bat out of hell to get ready and to the doctor's office on time. Not long after I checked in & settled in on the couch, Dr. G&D walks through the waiting room, says hello to me, and leaves. As in leaves the office. As in not to be seen for an hour. WTH? For some reason, I was not told of his "emergency" for over 40 minutes. I took the "opportunity" to read chapters 3 & 4 of the waiting room copy of "Conquering Infertility." Pretty good book btw!

Now to the appointment. It lasted all of 10 minutes, and that is only because I started asking all kinds of questions. I wanted my money's worth. :) Luckily no clothing was removed to reveal my experiment. My blood pressure was up 140/100. Wonder why? I only sat in the waiting room for a freaking hour. Plus, I ran out of my bp meds & hadn't had them since Saturday. See, there's always a reason for everything.

Anyway . . . Pathology said everything from surgery was fine. Fibroid was removed. I got to see more party pics of my uterus. Poor, beaten up thing.

The Plan - #5,457,356,068 or something like that if you're still counting:
  1. Wait for AF. She's on her way I'm sure.
  2. Call the office on CD1 to schedule HSG.
  3. See what the HSG shows.
  4. If the HSG shows any uterine septum, then schedule resection surgery.
  5. Resection surgery (if needed) would happen before Xmas. Good thing since I met my OOP expenses in April. Geez.
  6. Either way, the next cycle will include injection therapy. Most likely Follistim.
  7. Get pregnant. (Been there, done that.)
  8. Have baby. (Novel, yet new, concept for me.)

I asked the doctor why nobody had seen a septum before. Since it's not a complete septum/division, it wouldn't be easy to see. I used the analogy of the septum being like the inside of a bell pepper. Dr. D&G said it was something like that but probably not even that pronounced.

I also asked (remember, I had to get my money's worth) what the cost of injections would be. See, I'm one of the masses that doesn't have IF covered by insurance. No telling what it will cost.
I asked (still thinking time = $$) what the rate of multiples would be with the Follistim. Believe it or not, the rate of multiples thru injection therapy such as Follistim decreases with age. I'm okay with twins (preferably no more than 2 a time), but DH said he'd "cut it off" if we had more than one at a time. Whatever.

So, that's the plan. Any experiences you'd like to share? Be honest. It's okay to scare me if you have to do it. This whole IF thing is scary anyway.

Oh, and I made an appointment for my annual exam today. Party in my hooha! Everyone's invited! (They all know how to get there now.)


Laurie said...

This is awful that you are having such a horrible time with an RE. Those guys can be/should be saints, not assholes! Find a new RE and fast! There have got to be a ton in your fair city. If not, quit your job, move here and let me take you to my Hero/RE. He is a genius!

I miss you and will gladly come that way and kick his ass if you need me to.

Shanny said...

Oh man that waiting sucks. Glad you asked a lot of questions to get your money's worth at least. I have no clue about your next steps but I want to wish you good luck. And yes IF is too scary!

Chelle said...

Well, it sounds like a good plan! I really hope you don't have to have another surgery... I hope you can just get to havin that baby!!

Hal & Jenn said...

LMAO! Party in your hooha! lol~ You so funny honey =)

I'm glad there's a plan in place even if it IS #5,457,356,068... Somethin's better than nothin right? Here's to us both gettin' knocked up!

Molly said...

I absolutely love your "party in my hoo ha" references. They crack me up!

Follistim wasn't bad at all. I was really fearful of the injectibles, but aside from some burning at the injection site and some bruising, it was cool. I used an icepack to help with the burning.

And if you want to go to a new RE, mine in Fort Worth (downtown) is amazing. He's been recognized as one of the top 10 in the nation!

Hang in there, my fellow lion. ;)

Brookebug said...

You are such a funny girl! I am so glad you can joke about this and have some kind of positive outlook on the whole thing. I am so glad you have a plan but what an annoying experience to have to wait for sooooooo long and then have to wrestle the answers out of your dr. I hate it when they seem to put off the "I have better things to do" vibe. "NO YOU DONT! I am the better thing you are doing and then when im done with you someone else will be the better thing!!" I am sorry your uterus is so beat up tell her to hang in there.

Jess said...

Follistim was what I was on (and of course not covered by insurance). It is pricy, but the dollar amount will vary depending on the dosage you need ($700-$2K). SINCE you DO ovulate on your own (right?), I'd assume your dosage would be minimal since he will want to avoid overstimulating your follies! Then I'm assuming you'd do the trigger shot (which is $80ish) and be on progesterone ($30). I felt the BEST on the injectibles vs. Clomid, besides the constant headaches. Be ready for LOTS of appts - like as in every 2 days to monitor your follicles. Lots of giving blood to check your levels. Are you planning to do an IUI or timed intercourse? Hmmm...I think that's about it!

Oh yeah...why do you have to do another HSG? Is it possible for him to see what he needs to see on your last one?

Hang in there! He DOES get chummier! I had a hard time with that in the beginning and would compare him to my drs. that I really liked, but he is a REALLY good dr. who knows what he's doing, so feel confident that you are in good hands!

Cathy said...

I have gone through some of what you are going through. I actually had a myomectomy almost 3 years ago to remove fibroids, a whole bunch of em. Then I got pg and had a natural m/c at 10 weeks, they couldn't explain why it happened.

After 3 failed Clomid + IUI cycles, they scheduled me for an HSG and found my tubes bent over - a possible septum they said. I saw the HSG xray (pretty cool!) and my tubes cleary looked like bunny ears but my Dr couldn't tell if it was another fibroid or something else. The only way they could tell was to do a Lap and they did find a partial septum which was easily resected.

Before my HSG I had never heard of a septum ever before and was clueless what all these malformations were but I found it's a lot more common than most may think.

It also gave me an answer as to why I had the m/c and hope that next time the baby will have room to hold on. I wish you the best of luck through this process - it is not easy but hopefully you will find your answers!

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