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Friday, November 14, 2008


I received a feedback form from the hospital where I had both surgeries (April & last week). In April, I didn't send in my feedback. This time I did.

At check-in for both surgeries, they were visibly understaffed and sent me to L&D to check in. I was not happy the first time & it was all I do not to cry. They did again last week & I was pissed.

So, in my feedback I explained the situation and told them something to the effect of "Being a woman who had three m/cs in a year, I found it difficult when I was told to go check-in at L&D due to understaffing. Not all patients (and their families) being treated in the Women's Center are there for a joyous occasion. Having to check in where families are gathering, people are excited hearing good news, women are having their babies, etc. was hurtful and inconsiderate. I hope the hospital will consider the state of their patients in the future, and find a more courteous and considerate alternative to checking in for surgery."

It had an optional space for your name and number, but I didn't leave mine because I don't feel like discussing myself over the phone with yet another stranger.


Newt said...

Ughhh. I'm so sorry you had to deal with all that. Hospitals shouldn't be in the business of adding insult to injury!

I'm glad you spoke up. I hope it saves some future woman in the same position from having the same experience.

How's recovery? You feeling OK?

himee said...

Very well said and very valid complaint. I wouldn't like that either!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! That really sucks, but good for you for voicing your complaint & I hope that maybe it saves other women from heartache too.

Jill said...

Glad you complained-maybe something will change as a result! Good for you!

KandiB said...

Way to go. You'd think they'd have a clue...

Brookebug said...

You would think they have a clue but nope! I feel like the whole world is completley un-aware of infertiles. Especially in hospitals they are so use to seeing teenagers and "illegals" coming in and having babys willy nilly that they dont think about the other side of it. My Mom is a labor and delivery nurse so I get to hear all the fun storys about the people having babys who quite frankly should not be! Sorry you had to deal with that before surgery. by the way sorry about my little

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