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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Earning the Title

Welcome to Fertile Ramblings ------- and I do mean RAMBLINGS. Gotta get all of this out of my head, off my chest, and somewhere out of my dream patterns. I don't even care if you read this or not. (If you don't read the bullet points, please drop to the bottom of this post & read the Perspective.)

  • Done with Progestin - what a headached-ridden, nauseaus, bitchy week.

  • Stressed out today - school, kids, grocery store, parking lots, getting sub plans ready, impromptu (read: stupid) meetings, & everything in between.

  • Tired of zits - all over. Everywhere - on my neck, chin, jawline, eyebrows, collarbone, cheeks, eyelid. Hello? Stop it!

  • Got another medical bill - another one - ugh.

  • Preregistered for my surgery today - was asked what I have met of my deductible. All $3500, thanks. That happened in April!

  • House looks like crap - not my fault. DH has to get his crap (and I mean his crap) together. I can't be his momma, his maid, his chef, and his bitch. I'm not that good and don't want to be. ;)

  • Glad the election is almost over Not so thrilled with having to listen to election coverage on EVERY channel available at higher-than-hearing-aid-wearers' volume. Please Honey . . .

  • DH held one of our friends' babies tonight. I wasn't there to witness it, but our friend sent me a picture -- hahaha. How comfortable does he (NOT) look?! Don't drop her!! It would upset her twin sister! What's funny is that she loves it when he holds her. She probably remembers when she was in the NICU with her 3-pound self being held my large (& nervous) husband. Such fond memories.

  • I'm so tired of paying everyone all of my money. I work my butt off every day, and I just give it away. I rarely have any money leftover for things such as clothing, travel, etc.

  • Prices have definitely gone up. Groceries cost me much more tonight than usual.

  • Thank goodness tomorrow is maid day. (see complaint about filthy home above)

  • "Was the TV really that loud?" asks DH. YES. And now that you turned it down, it's still freaking loud!

  • I cut off my 1st Common Thread Bracelet on Sunday. It was so sad & worn out looking. I'd been wearing it since May and hadn't taken it off. I'm saving it for my scrapbook. Hope I didn't jinx myself or something.

  • Everyone is having babies but me.

  • I wonder if I'll actually get pregnant AND have a baby. It feels farther & farther away each month. I'm beginning to feel the hole in my heart that only a baby could fill getting wider and deeper.

  • Thank God for wine.

  • I love my dogs and cat. They give so much love and receive so much of my love.

  • I'm completely & totally looking forward to the pain meds on Friday. I just have to remember to tell my drug lord (aka anesthesiologist) to use something besides morphine. Last time morphine was like candy for me. LOTS of candy!

  • I've gotten so fat that only two pairs of my winter pants fit right. And they are very snug. The other pair are sweats. Geez.

  • We have hawks living in the trees near our house. I sit in the bathroom extra long in the mornings to hear them talk with one another.

  • I almost bought a box of hpts at the store. How stupid.

Perspective: (READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ ANYTHING ELSE.) With all of my whining, worrying, complaining, stressing, and more - it could be so much worse. DH's former principal and her husband lost their 3 month old daughter this weekend. They believe it was SIDS. Please pray for them and their two surviving children. It's absolutely heartbreaking. I always try to remember that when things are bad, they could be worse. There is the proof.


Laurie said...

Hang in there sister. We love you and are sending prayers.

Molly said...

I'll definitely keep them in my prayers....and for what it's worth, I love your ramblings!

Shannon said...

I believe the wine comment should be higher in the list, out of sheer priority :)

I will say a prayer for the couple who lost their 3 month baby, that does put things in perspective.

Chelle said...

I'll be thinking of you.

Teresa said...

Those poor, poor people. When my twins got dedicated, there was supposed to be another set of boy/girl twins being dedicated but the little boy died of SIDS the night before. First we worry if we can get pregnant or not, then we worry about miscarrying or something else during the pregnancy, then we worry about SIDS. The worry NEVER stops! I'll be praying for them for sure.
You are hilarious. I don't even know you but I could totally picture you talking about your zits. Too funny.

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