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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Early Surprises from an Old Friend

First of all . . . I took a photo for you all today.

THE DILDO CAM . . . ready to go!
Bwahahahaha! So glad I could share!(Note: If you are a female & haven't seen an image like this live, you will someday. I hope your time comes in a positive way.)

Well, today I lllooooovveeeee the dildo cam.  He was my friend (it is male I hope, right?  right?).   HE is my friend-friend-friend-friend-friend.  :)

I mean, HOLY CRAP!  On CD12, I have a follie that is already 21.7mm!!  WTH?  I always O between CD 14-16, so I was shocked!  Dr. Terrific said my lining looks the best he's ever seen it!  We are on for our fourth and FINAL IUI tomorrow!!!

As usual, Dr. T was full of fun and merriment today.  I swear that I need to take my flip camera with me the next time I see him.  Let's see if I can remember all of this . . .

When I went in last week for my CD3 u/s and b/w.  My FSH was 4.4 (What?!  I'm 42!) and everything else was normal.  I learned that I hadn't had a pap smear in over a year, so I had my pap.  On CD3.  Icky icky ick.

After my fun time with the speculum and swabs, Dr. T said he had a present for me.  I just hung out in the stirrups and sarcastically said okay.  He told me to sit up a bit and he showed me a small, green lid with a small, white toothpick-sized plastic stick on the end.  When he said, "I'm going to stick it in your hiney," I thought WTH kind of present is that?!  Oh goody.  Yet another orafice of my body to be violated.  What a thoughtful gift, huh?!  Well, apparently it's an apparatus for a new test out there to screen for colo-rectal cancer.  Anyway . . . mine came back POSITIVE.  Lovely.  Now colon cancer?  What's next?  A lobotomy?

This positive result from last week led to a bit more prodding today when Dr. T did the test again.  After I changed out of my lovely paper skirt and went back into the nurses' area, Nurse A exclaimed, "You're negative!"  Dr. T, being the funny many that he is, said "YOU aren't negative.  You are positive.  Your ass is negative."  He thinks he's so funny and proceeded to crack up.  I responded, "I'm going to stay quiet until tomorrow is over."  He said, "I know you're just like me and it's KILLING you, huh?"  I told him to schedule my tongue transplant after my IUI.  Touche!

Someday I WILL get him back.  Something shocking and freaking hilarious.  Those of you who know me personally *know* how much fun I could have with this.  :)  Maybe the day he delivers our baby would be a good time.          :: kekis begins her scheming ::

My bp was really high today. Too high. I knew it was when I sat down, so I warned Nurse Excellent before she even put the cuff on my arm. When Nurse Amazing came by & saw it she was not happy. Nurse E wanted to test it again & Nurse A snapped, "It WON'T go down.  It always goes up higher the second time on her!"  Told you I've been overwhelmed, stressed & anxious lately.  Medications are only helping so much.  Hmph.

Well, I'm tired already and need to relax.  I will ask that if you have any to spare, that you say some major prayers for us tomorrow.  This may be the very last chance that DH and I will have to create a child.  Yes, we are looking at IVF if this doesn't work, but we're not sure how to swing it financially.  We are also discussing how much longer this whole TTTC/IF thing is going to go on because it can't forever. 

So for now, I'm considering tomorrow's IUI a last chance until things pan out and God hears our cries in yet another way.  Thanks to all of you for supporting us and loving us along the way.

1 comment:

Ellen said...

That's great news about the ripe and ready follie! Did you have an HCG shot today? I'll be sending prayers and good thoughts your way tomorrow for the procedure that this may be your time!

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