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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coming Out

Just wanted to let you all know that I've decided to open up my blog again.  There are several reasons why I went private for a while (albeit a short time), and there are now several reasons why I am opening up it again.  Since I'm too tired to write it all down and it's my blog, I'll do what I want.

I will repeat, however, that even if you are reading this blog it does NOT (will not ever) give you the carte blanche to discuss the affairs of my husband and I with anyone else.  I realize this is a public forum, but  I'll post what I posted before in case anyone missed it:

Just to be in full disclosure, this blog and my own living room will be the only places I plan to talk about our plans moving into and experiencing IVF. Not even our entire families are aware of what we are doing. (Most of our immediate family members do as of this writing.) Our entire journey of not having a baby has been public - and I realize that it's by my own doing - but I am needing for things to be more quiet now. I need to have the chance to destress and not feel that I need to keep up with everyone and everything. This blog is my living journal just as it would be a handwritten diary in my nightstand drawer. I will blog as I see fit/need, and I will not discuss it further, unless it is of my choosing.  I welcome your comments and questions via this blog, but that's where I prefer to keep it all.

Those of you who have experienced this know how it feels for well-meaning people to feel that your body is a topic of idle conversation. So, if you know my DH and/or me IRL or even on the internet (FB/TB/Besties, other online forums, work, mutual friends, etc.), I am asking for your discretion and courtesy in keeping your damn mouth shut. Don't ask me questions, don't post things about it (not even what you think is in code), don't talk about it with one another, etc. The only people who will know what is going on other than our parents and a few select family members are those who have access to this blog.

If anyone chooses to disrespect the wishes of my husband and me, I will not only shut this blog down but I will stop sharing with everyone altogether. I'm not trying to sound ugly, but I really and truly mean it. I have been perfectly open with our journey, and I hope that you will respect the fact that I desperately need some privacy now. (I mean, hell, if you're on here you'll know everything anyway.)


WiseGuy said...

Well, Welcome back to the 'open' world.

And of course, I understand the need for you to keep things quiet. I don't know you IRL, so there happens to be very minimal chances of me standing in your driveway and sayin anything that spells IVF..(:-))

Okay, Jokes apart, no, I won't say anything anywhere you don't want me to, and that includes FB.

Welcome again! And Super Good Luck!

Juicy said...

Oh no, I hope I've never said anything on FB! I hate that someone spilled to someone (I guess?), that's not right. It's just up to you and Todd to share details when and if you choose. :(

I am always wishing and hoping for the best for you two, nothing but love over here.


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