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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taking Turns

If you have gone through the journey of loss and IF, you and I both know that you've been through the ringer.  Yeah, your DH/SO may have been by your side (or not) and supported you along the way (or not).  However, I also know for a fact that most men certainly haven't had all of the invasive procedures, blood draws, & more that their wives have experienced.  Sure, they get to share their soldiers every now & then but how bad can *that* be?  (insert little giggle here)

Almost four years and dozens & dozens of vials of MY vampired blood, I'm gonna be polite and take turns.  DH will finally get vampired.  We go to the IVF clinic tomorrow for blood work (yes, I still get vampired again).  We both will have blood drawn for genetic testing and DH for infectious diseases.  My recent b/w results came back & I am not infectious.  :)

While at the clinic, we'll also start forking over some cash and sign a shitton of paperwork.  We have statements of consent, promising that it's not their fault if I explode, go crazy or die, etc.  Other documents we sign (for those who haven't done IVF) are papers that share our wishes on what will happen to our frozen embryos (if we have any) should one or both of us die.  It's like a will for snowbabies.  Cute!  I just hope & pray we have some snowbabies to freeze - a need for the "will."

I think after all of that, I'll have DH take me for sushi.  Sounds like this taking turns things isn't so bad!  Wonder if DH will let me shoot him in the ass with a needle just once?  Ya know . . . for practice!  ha!

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