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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Irony of the Beverage

I like to have one Dr. Pepper or Coke each day, but my favorite beverage of all is cold, bottled water.  I literally drink 4-7 bottles a day at work.  My throat is now hurting, so of course I panic about getting sick (strep or whatever - it was this time last year I was dying from H1N1).  Yet my acupunctress said no cold water - only room temp.  She wants me to stay away from cold beverages, no caffeine, etc.   In the past few days, I cannot quench my thirst.  It's not easy finding alternatives to things you like to drink.  No cold water, lemonade, iced tea, sodas, and pretty much everything else it seems.  This poses yet another issue.

Those of you who know me IRL know that I like to get my drink on.  I'm definitely my grandmother's granddaughter.  :)  I guess I could say that I've been known to party a bit in my day (stfu to some of you!) - even though that has slowed down considerably (almost come to a screeching halt) in the past several years.  I do still enjoy having drinks with friends or enjoying a drink with dinner.  I've just always been a very . . . very . . . "celebratory" person!

Although Dr. Super said it is okay to drink alcohol during the cycle, I have been trying to find other things to drink besides a  ________ (glass of red wine, white wine, beer, margarita) with dinner.  However, the crazy part of this whole deal is that every-single-alcoholic-beverage I have tried since starting injectible meds has NOT tasted good to me.  The other irony of it is that the only time alcohol hasn't sounded good to me is when I've been pregnant.

Not pregnant.  Can drink.  Tried red wine.  Didn't like it.  Tried white wine.  Didn't like it.  Tried beer.  Didn't like it.  Tried Amarula.  Didn't like it.  Irony?  Yes.  Sick, sick irony . . .

Off to die of dehydration.


WiseGuy said...

Well, I guess it means you DO stay off the alcohol for good!

Just stopping by to say 'Hello' and 'Good Luck'!

To fruition! Cheers!

Maria (MKC101103) said...

Nothing else to say other than: that just sucks.


Laurie said...

WTF? Why no cold water?

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