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Monday, November 29, 2010

Down, but Not Out (Yet)

Had my appointment.  Not exactly what I'd hoped and prayed for.  I'm still sorting things out in my mind and my heart, and I have yet to talk with my DH outside of texting.  Here is the email I sent to some family members and friends this afternoon.  I'll post more once I've had some processing time.

My first monitoring appointment with the IVF specialist was this morning. After racing there from work, I got back to school just a bit ago & wanted to send an update. Overall, the news is not great. We aren't out yet, but I'm not trying to get my hopes up either.
They drew blood to test my estradiol (estrogen) levels & that will be back later today. No news is good news, so I'm hoping not to hear from them about that. The ultrasound that was done is to check my ovaries for follicles that produce eggs. Unfortunately, there were only two smaller-sized follicles (ETA: 10 & 12 mm follies w/ 13.6mm lining) on my right ovary & no measurable follicles on the left. While I try not to compare myself with others, I know there are many cases of women who produce dozens of eggs in comparison to my paltry, little two.

I am disappointed to say the least. The doctor wants me to continue the rigor of the medications I am currently taking and return on Friday. If the two follicles have grown and there are even more, we will discuss how/if to proceed. If there is no further development, then IVF will not be an option for us and Todd and will need to discuss where to go from here. I don't plan on giving up hope, but I'm also planning to be realistic about it all. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers.


Adeline said...

Praying for you!

Sarah said...

Keep hoping girl! Don't give up! I know how hard those appts can be, holding your breath while they tell you your "fate." It's awful. Ill be keeping my fingers crossed for you that those follies grow nice and fat! :)

kinsey said...

praying kristen. "God is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine" Eph 3:20
stay hopeful!

Rachael said...

I'll be sending you all the growing vibes I have hun. I won't give up hope for you and this cycle! (((hugs)))

PittieBoo said...

Sending follie growing dust. I wished for better news and remain hopeful. I can come bearing margaritas, just let me know...

PittieBoo said...

Sending follie growing dust, lots of love, and an IOU for margaritas and a shoulder if EVER needed.

Mrs KS said...

I won't give up hope for you. Praying hard.

Brooke said...

I'm definitely hoping the follicles grow!! I think you have a great attitude as well, though I firmly believe in allowing yourself to be sad and disappointed!

A said...

I don't know if you have, but you should go back and read about my first (cancelled) IVF attempt (March/April). The lupron protocol was awful for me- I barely had three follicles. We tried the antagonist protocol, and I had many more. It is awful to be cancelled, but I have been where you are. If you feel led, you should ask your doc about trying the antagonist protocol- I had better results (although our embie didn't stay with us).

Hang in there- like I said, I know how awful it is to be cancelled, but you will make it through this no matter what (HUG)

Journey With The Darling Family said...

Hey there...I've never commented on your blog before but wanted to let you know I'm praying for you. Also I didn't respond well to gonal-f but responded leaps and bounds better with follistim. Is that an option if this round is cancelled? I think you said this was your only shot but didn't know about if the cycle was cancelled if you could try again. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

Katie said...

Sending you lots of love and Grow Big Follie thoughts

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