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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Up in My Bidness Again

Tomorrow morning I will spend some time in the stirrups with Dr. S and crew.  My baseline u/s (to see what my ute and ovaries look like) and a mock transfer will be done.  I'll also be vampired for my baseline E2 levels.

I've been so.very.very.tired & haven't been able to get enough sleep.  The sleep I have gotten is interrupted by stranger than usual dreams, waking up to check the clock, and early morning injections & oral meds.  I've also been bleeding/spotting for 15 - count 'em - FIFTEEN days.  AF induced by Provera was light, but she came.  Then she tapered off & let Lupron take over the job.  Hopefully it will stop - and soon.  I'm so damn tired.

No matter what the state of my hooha is right now, she's getting the looksee tomorrow.  Hope she's looking so nice & clean & sparkly that Dr. S. finds a perfect place to place lots of lil embies for us in a few weeks.

ETA: Just got an email from Nurse J & I am required to get a mammogram before I can stim.  Lovely.  I swear there won't be a piece of me untouched by stranger hands!!!  Mother trucker.


Maria (MKC101103) said...

A ""sparkly" ute...LMAO.

Laurie said...

Good luck this morning! The process begins! Woo Hoo!

When we did our first transfer, there were like a million people in the room. Students, nurses, dr's, etc. All privacy out the window. IVF will make you that way! But it's so worth it!

NoVaIrish said...

Good luck today! I'll be looking for an update when you are ready to share.

A said...

wow, a mammogram before stims?! i have never heard that before!

hope your monitoring appt reveals good results :)

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