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Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Be Skeered!

I wake up before DH each morning (well, working mornings) and am close to ready by the time he gets out of bed.  This morning, as he sleepily stumbled in to bathroom, he asked, "Did you shoot up your heroin?"  I told him that I had not because I was waiting on him. 

As he walked in to the shower, I heard, "I won't do it until . . ."  I thought the end of his sentence was something about not doing my injection until he was more awake.  Uhhhhh - I was wrong.

When he got out of the shower, I was dressed and ready to go.  I said, "Okay, you ready for me to show you?"  That's when I learned that DH does not plan to do my injections until AFTER my mother shows him how!  Ddduuuuuddddddee . . . this is an easy sub-q.  No big deal!

Guess I'll wait until Mom gives him personal lessons.  And I warned him the ones he'll be giving me are going to be a lot worse on him AND me!


Maria (MKC101103) said...

If you're thinking of him doing your PIO shots, I'd rethink that. I started doing mine this cycle (after Ed did the first four rounds of IVF) and it's SO SO SO much better that I do them. Send me an email about it if it's something you'd consider.

Marsha said...

I used to practically punch my mom when she would pull my hair while fixing it. (it was a reflex, promise!) I actually did punch my sister one time when she burned my forehead while curling my bangs. (they were big and awesome!)Seriously, I don't know how your hubs will make it out alive. Hey...he needs to endure some pain too, right? ;)

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