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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm working on remaining hopeful and positive, but I also am keeping the reality in my head that this could be a total bust.  There are no guarantees in this life, and we've definitely learned that the hard way over & over again.  The reality is:

~ There may be no eggs to retrieve.
~ Even if there are enough retrieved, there may be none that fertilize.
~ Even if they fertilize, they may not grow properly.
~ Even if they grow properly and are biopsied 3dpt, they may not pass the genetic testing.
~ Even if they pass the genetic testing, they may not make it to 5dt.
~ Even if they are transferred, they may not implant.
~ Even if they implant, we may still get pregnant and miscarry.

But then again, none of that may happen and we make actually get a baby or two or three out of it.


Tracy said...

We're staying full of hope with you and for you.

Shanny said...

There are no guarantees but I'm going to remain extremely hopeful that it does turn out into a baby or two. My fingers are tightly crossed, you deserve this and I want it very badly for you. I'm sending lots and lots of good luck!

PittieBoo said...

I think it's very wise of you to think of all the possibilities- both good and bad. I will continue to send you my good vibes and know that I'm here for you!

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