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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let the Stims Begin!

Sunday night began my E2 supps (ooey gooey fun - not) and last night I began the Gonal-F injections.  The Gonal-F is an ovarian stimulation medication which will hopefully force my ovaries to produce plenty of big, juicy, healthy, egg-filled follicles.  These follicles are what hold the eggs we'll need for retrieval.  The Ganirelix I'm taking suppresses my pituitary gland from producing FSH or LH - which are hormones that tell the body to ovulate.  We don't want my body to ovulate because eggs can't be released until they are vacuumed from my ovaries on retrieval day.

My uterus is not feeling full or heavy yet, but I'm already feeling different and definitely feeling some twinges going on down there.  Not sure if it is the Estrogen supps or the Gonal-F or the Ganirelix or the Dexamethasone or the vitamins or my other meds that are making me so tired, but I am exhausted!  The thing that sucks is that I can't sleep!  :/  So, I sleep from about 10ish to 6:45am (if I don't wake before which I have) so I can take my first shot.

Although my meds calendar seemed overwhelming, I really feel like I'm not doing enough to make this all happen.  All of the injections and pills and suppositories and all aren't really bothering me.  I truly feel like there is something dynamic and earth-shattering that I should be doing.  Guess it's really up to my body, which scares me more than the thought of me having to do something.  God knows my body is a stubborn, broken piece of crap.  Hopefully the drugs will trick it into doing what normal, non-baby killing bodies do.

I started my holiday vacation seeing a longtime friend that I met in junior high for the first time in fifteen years and lunch today with another friend.  I'm trying to rest and relax while enjoying the time we have and getting some things done.  Other than that, I'm just ready for some turkey and family and friends.  Guess I should hit the kitchen because I have a LOT of cooking to get done!

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