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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Let's Go!

Let's go!                       Let's go! 

L - E - T - S - G - O!!!!

DH and I went to see Nurse J today to get vampired for CGH testing, review over things, ask more questions, sign our lives away, fork over cash, and sign off on what to do with our hopefully-soon-to-be frozen embryos if we croak.  I made DH promise me that if I kick the bucket, he won't marry some ugly chick and make her have my babies.
1/2 of our 8-seat dining table is now a legal drug lab.

Most of my meds (about 90%) are here and ready to go!  Not pictured are the Dexamethasone & Zithromax, plus we have Ganirelix, E2 supps and more Gonal-F on the way.  I start living the life of a junkie  shooting up  injections and oral meds tomorrow morning.  Here's a quick view of my meds calendar:

Each line represents a different medication to be administered either orally (by mouth), sub-cu (injected into the top layers of skin) or IM (intramuscular injection).  Lots & lots of drugs.  I'm a little nervous about keeping up with it all, but not so much with the actual needles.

While my greatest fear in this entire process is that we pay all of this money and none of it works, I think DH's biggest fear is that I'll lose my shit being on all these hormones and make his life miserable.  Luckily Nurse J and Ms K told him it'll only last a month.  :)

So, we're just going to give it all we've got, do our best with what we have, and hope and pray for the best. 



Adeline said...

I was curious to know what the treatment will be once you are pregnant for the MTHFR mutation. Will you start Lovenox shots right away? Are you already taking a daily baby aspirin while ttc?
Good luck!!!

jen said...

Wow. Thats a lot of meds! Prayers to you and best wishes. Any and all leftover babydust that may still be in my possession is hearby bequeathed to you!

Marsha said...

good thing you are so good with details and organization. that is a whole lotta meds! you will be a champ at this...and i'm here rooting you on each step of the way!

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