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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Geez Louise ---- last night became a bit of a CF (clusterfuck).  I had some definite stress before my EV2 injection, but overall I felt as if I handled it pretty well.  For whatever reason, I had a major headache yesterday.  It was a busy day at school with hands-on Math activities, Science test reviews, recess duty, and the ever-cute annual Kindergarten Thanksgiving play to attend.  I made it through the day without jabbing out my eyeballs or cutting my head off, then I tutored some kids after school and made some copies before racing down the highway to acupuncture.

Acu was good, but I just couldn't completely relax.  It is not unusual for me to fall asleep on the table after my needles are in.  Surprisingly, the fact that I had needles in my ears that were attached to vibrating electrodes didn't even phase me, but I was hoping for a nap to rid me of the headache.  Once I finished my stabbing & zapping, I called my mom who was meeting me at home to give me my first IM injection before my monthly neighborhood Bunco game at 7:00.  I left her a voice mail, raced home, said hi to my husband, found yet another pillow from the couch the dogs had drug outside, chewed them out, let my mom in the door (to be greeted by the pillow murderers), went to the fridge & then figured out I DIDN'T HAVE MY MEDS.  Lovely.

Because of my screwy insurance, I've had to deal with four different pharmacies just to get everything filled. The pharmacy that did fill it was obviously delayed in shipping, so I was estradiol-less. Without completely losing it, I started making phone calls & finally had to call Nurse J.  I found a local specialty pharmacy that had ONE VIAL left & raced over to get it. Once again, Nurse J and the pharmacy saved the day. I was stressed out but definitely handled it okay. I was late to my neighborhood Bunco group and DH was working on a grad school project and wanted dinner & I just wasn't handling it all. So . . . DH had to learn to feed himself!

My IM injection went fine once all of that was over. My mother made sure I drew it up correctly (that was stuff was thicker than I thought it would be!), and the injection itself didn't hurt despite the size of the needle. However, I have tiny bruises all over my right butt cheek today. They aren't near the injection site though. Strange.

I'll handle the stress and chaos and bruises as long as we get some babies out of the deal.  I'd just prefer to have the babies and not the other crap that goes with it!

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